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Enterprise Cloud Hosting

Over the Top...

So far, the measure of all things in the hosting area of individually constructed dedicated solutions. With the implementation of our Enterprise Cloud Hosting, we have put the whole thing on top of it.

A benchmark shows

A benchmark for existing customers schows, we’ve compared the new Enterprise Cloud Hosting to their previous dedicated performance hosting solutions. We found the following results: massively increasing of the performance, full flexibility, lower cost by full transparency

You can also benefit from these advantages. We are happy to advise you to put together the most optimal solution for you.

Performance & Quality

«Only the best Hardware is good enough»


With our hosting systems we achieve top performance. To ensure this, we work exclusively with enterprise class hardware of the highest quality manufacturers (Dell, HP Enterprise, Super Micro, Juniper, etc.). In addition, all our systems are built in a retentive structure.


All of our nodes have two high-power CPUs. Currently we only use Intel® Xeon® Gold 6144 CPUs with 8 cores each, respectively 16 threads with a clock rate of up to 4.2 GHz (Turbo).


The storages are of the latest generation SSD/NVMe which guarantees the highest reliability, access speed & data security.

Autoscaling, horizontal & vertical

The server technology is based on the innovative jelastic administration interface. This unique architecture relies on autoscaling, both horizontal and vertical, this guarantees the highest performance.


All our Enterprise Cloud Hosting servers are located in a data center of the highest security class in Zurich, Switzerland.

It is Tier 4 certified, operates in accordance with FINMA standards, and thus complies with the strict requirements of the Swiss financial center.

Security & Reliability

«Your data - your "gold»

Private isolated solutions

For full protection all our Enterprise Cloud Hosting instances run on individually separated set ups. Each is fully replicated once a day. 

Datasecurity (Backup & DDOS Protection)

Safety is our highest priority. That's why each of our Enterprise Cloud Hosting comes with a 15-day (retention time) data backup, free of charge. The standard frequency is once a day. The automatic backup is managed separately and always gives you access to the data of the previous 15 days. With this we can guarantee you the best possible security for your "gold". Higher frequencies a/o retention times are available by individual arrangement.

Especially in e-commerce and banking sectors, a temporary availability restriction can cause massive losses. That's why all our Enterprise Cloud Hosting services include high quality DDOS protection for free. Thanks to BGP-FlowSpec, the traffic in front of our systems (at the entry points into the network) is blocked. The detection and mitigation of DDOS attacks happens automatically.


Create trust and encrypt your websites with our steady auctalized SSL certificate for free.

Speed & Availability

We always invest in a high-profile peering. Thereby we reach a low latency network which meets even the highest traffic requirements.

In addition, all our Enterprise Cloud Hosting systems work with a specially in house developed cache method, this gives your site the outstanding turboboost it needs and our internet connection of up to 2 X 10 GBits /s guarantees your data free highways.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Concentrate worry-free on your core business. We take care of the smooth operation of your hostings in the background. Thats why, we monitor our systems 24H/7D in real time, ensure the regular maintenance and install all necessary updates as well as patches. But we do not just simply monitor our servers and systems - once in production state we proceed an end to end monitoring of your application from multiple geographical locations.


We offer a professional telephone and e-mail support for all our customers for free. Of course, individual service level agreements are also available on request. 

Flexibility & Simplicity

Quite simple and quick, you, or the developer of your choice, create your own individual environment in the Trendhosting Cloud GUI. There you will find prepared, optimized stacks for all common programming languages, such as Java, PHP, Node.js, Google GO, Docker and more for example Kubernetes, GitLab, etc.

Also, database integration is easy. With a few clicks, the required environment is at your disposal. You have the choice, e.g. SQL: MariaDB, MySQL CE, Percona, PosgreSQL, etc. or NOSQL: MongoDB, Redis, Couchbase, CouchDB, etc.

Define for yourself which resources and what time frame you need for your needs. With just a few clicks, you can easily and quickly create your compliant server environment. Of course, you can always make changes, to fit always to your actual requirements. 

Applications - fast customized deployment

Of course, you could make a standardized 1-Click installation for all popular applications, such as Worpress, Magento, Shopware, Drupal, Typo3, Joomla, etc.

But we want to give you more. With one of our own custom optimized pre-installed configurations, your chosen application feels right at home and you're able to make the most of all the benefits.


«Fair & Simple - real pay per use»

Flexible Cost Design

Through our unique billing system, we grant you full control. You define the amount of resources they will probably need over a certain period of time (reservation).

Full real time costcontrol

At the end, however, you pay only for the resources that were actually used, not for the reserved ones. And beyond: No traffic-dependent billing! . That's what we mean by: Fair & Simple - real pay per use!

Screenshots Backend GUI private premium cloud hosting

Let's make a ride...

Make your own benchmarks. Test our private premium cloud hosting now and feel the power and experience real professional performance. This Trial is 30 days for free and without obligation

Get the facts...

You want all the important information in your hands?

«Finest hosting technology since 1997»

Located in Thun, Switzerland, Trendhosting was founded in 1997 by a server expert who has decades of experience and competences in building, maintaining, administering and optimizing of high performance, high security hostings in well-known IT companies.

The focus from the beginning was to offer the best technology for all the specific requirements with the highest performance.

Since then, trend hosting has always grown by successfully mastering all the specific challenges facing its customers. 

Trendhosting Enterprise Cloud

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